Midwifery Care is the full scope care of the woman during all phases of her reproductive life. This includes well care of people in need of reproductive care, contraceptive services, maternity care, birth, and postpartum care. 

Our Mission

We are committed to evidence based, fully respectful, inclusive care to all people seeking the care of a midwife. In all phases of life people benefit from culturally competent, individualized care. 

We provide midwifery care in office, home and hospital setting. Birth can be planned based on your needs. We emphasize our commitment to continuity and hope to support you in all the many phases of your reproductive life.

β€œThe greatest joy is to become a mother; the second greatest is to be a midwife.”

— Norwegian Proverb

What We've Achieved

  • Fully integrated continuity of care in planning home and hospital birth.
  • A respectful caring team of midwives to care for you and baby.
  • Continuing family care with a Family Nurse Practitioner.
  • A comfortable, beautiful office environment. 
  • Deep commitment to families in our community. 
  • Partnership with organizations that support social justice.
  • LGBTQ partnership to support non-female pregnant, birthing and feeding parents.
  • Commitment to growing midwives as a teaching practice.