Planning for Home Birth

Home Birth RI

Choosing midwifery care

Our midwives at RI Home birth are Certified Nurse Midwives and work in both home and hospital settings. This allows us to care for your family with continuity of care. If the need should arise to transfer care into the hospital setting, we can provide care at Landmark Medical Center, where our midwives are providers.

RI Waterbirth

Planning for the cost of home Birth

Although insurance may cover the cost of some care for families during pregnancy and birth, there is out of pocket cost for home birth services. We are committed to accessibility for families without means- please set up consult to discuss your family's desire for home birth midwifery care.

RI Natural Birth

Preparing your home for home birth

All the needed items for home birth can be purchased here. Midwives will bring all the emergency equipment needed to care for birthing parent or baby in event that it is needed. 

Many clients ask about water birth. The midwives at RI Home Birth are skilled in attending water birth. Families can rent tubs locally or order supplies here.

We consider Community and important part of family life and welcoming a new member. You can meet other families planning home birth on a local community run Facebook Page.